De naam Hanentak is gebaseerd op de bierbrouwerij van Coenraad ter Kuile (1781-1852), deze heette de Hanen.

Uncle Jacob´s watch.

Tekst van brief van Cora tK aan Coen tK (Cora was weduwe van Jacob tK). Jacob overleed 15 febr. 1910, Cora overleed 7 jan. 1955. Coen en Jacob tK waren ooms van J.P.L. tK.

Text of a letter from Cora to Coen tK (Cora was the widow of Jacob tK). Jacob died February 15th, 1910, Cora died january 7th, 1955. Coen and Jacob were uncles of J.P.L. tK (1902-1974). J.P.L. tK got the watch from uncle Conrad. Why the watch was sent by Cora to Conrad is not clear.

Montvalle, N.J.   March 17, 1910.

Dear brother Conrad,

It is a pleasure to be able to write a few lines to thank you all for your beautiful sympathy for us and your words of appreciation of my efforts to do my best for Jacobs comfort.

Conrad if you knew the heartache I suffer and to think that I could not go to the funeral nor look upon my husbands face: but I am doing my best to control the pain and to realize that he is more to me (?) since being free from his diseased body.

Now I am able to sit up one half day and walk a little around my room and as soon as possible I shall go to a Rest House on the seashore just out of New York for a change, Doctor says in about two months my health will be good again.

Conrad I am sending you Jacobs golden watch. It is a valuable watch and I know he would like you to have it and please do with it as you think best. The chain is not solid gold : but I am having scarve pins made of it for each of the faithful men in our office, some have given  Jacob good service twenty-five years. There will also be some sent to you to give to the brothers.

Jacob had so little jewelry that there seems nothing to give away.

We will sell our home and move to a larger town where the children can be educated at home and have other advantages. I cannot afford to live on so large an estate and keep it as it should be. I shall reserve one parcel of land having no buildings on it for a future home if  after the children the children are educated I wish to come back. The lawyer who advises me is a man Jacob knew and employed and had confidence in. We have not been able to do much as I am not able to think (with of will ??????) (  … ????).

Dear brother I trust I have made it plain to you how I appreciate your goodness and that of all the family, it helps to make the burden light.

Remember you are to do with the watch just as you wish.

I am glad to send it to you and I wish there was something for each.

With kindest regards to your wife and all.

Your affectionate sister,


Enveloppe beschreven : bericht van zending van Cora

Jacob’s gouden horloge en eenige gedeelten ketting.

Mr. Conrad ter Kuile Ezn.



Bedankt per brief van 4 bladzijden 7 april 1910